Ellie’s award nomination showcases her dedication

Senior Consultant Ellie Farrell has just been nominated for the UK Broker Awards ‘Young Broker of the Year’!

The award recognises individuals under the age of 30 working in the insurance broking industry who have demonstrated significant professional development and career progression over the past year.

It’s about acknowledging their contribution to their team and their commitment to pursuing their profession, showcasing an aspiration to make a significant impact in the wider market.

We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to Ellie and tell you why she’s such a valuable team member.

Joining us in 2018 as a graduate, Ellie has rapidly risen through the ranks to become a Senior Consultant and Head of Desk. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ellie has forged her path in the industry with determination and flair.

She’s a great example of professional prowess, a trusted advisor among her peers and an inspiring example to young brokers entering the industry.

Insurance Beacons

After securing a place at Leeds University, Ellie graduated in Media and Communications.  Balancing her studies with a second job at a marketing agency, Ellie gathered essential experience that would prove key in her future journey.

Despite the allure of media and marketing, the call of insurance brokerage was impossible to resist.

After graduation, Ellie seized the opportunity to work here with us in London. Stepping into the role of a Trainee Broker, she embraced the challenges and learning opportunities that came her way.

Now, Ellie holds a prominent position, leading a team of four brokers and managing a large book of business in a market that is as diverse as it is demanding.

Working diligently and at pace, she has not only navigated but thrived in the insurance broker market. Her progression in the industry testifies to her commitment to professional development, including her regular participation in in-house training and external market seminars.

A Vital Role

What does it mean to be a Senior Consultant at London Belgravia Group, a leading specialist broker for structural warranties and construction insurance? Ellie explains:

“Well, it’s all about playing a pivotal role in offering independent, impartial advice to property developers.

“It’s about establishing relationships, understanding the client’s needs, and aligning those needs with the best solutions available. It’s about continuously adapting to market changes, learning, and applying new knowledge in innovative ways.”

Ellie brings her own unique blend of energy and expertise to all these areas.

Her contribution to the business reaches beyond her professional achievements. Known as the self-proclaimed ‘Director of Fun’, she champions a healthy work-life balance and fosters a vibrant, engaging work culture. She embodies the ethos of London Belgravia Group – expert, professional advice with a client-focused approach.

That work Ellie has done has really helped to take the business forward. During her time here, she identified and brought into the business more than 200 new accounts, around a fifth having since developed into regular clients for our bespoke 10-year policies.

Industry Recognition

Ellie’s recent shortlisting for the ‘Young Broker of the Year’ is a testament to her significant strides in professional development and her valuable contribution to the industry. This prestigious recognition celebrates the best in the industry, and there is no doubt that Ellie fits the bill.

Leah Bray, Director, adds:

“Ellie is an integral part of our team, bringing not only her exceptional skills but also her positive spirit. Her nomination for ‘Young Broker of the Year’ is a well-deserved recognition of her hard work, dedication, and the remarkable impact she has had on our business.

“We look forward to her continued growth and success at London Belgravia Group. Whether she wins the award category or not, Ellie is definitely a winner in our office!”

To discuss a project requirement with Ellie, get in touch on 0203 372 0839 or email ef@lbb.london. You can also connect with Ellie on LinkedIn