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Construction All Risk and Contractors All Risk (CAR) are flexible policies designed specifically for contractors and developers working on construction sites in order to provide financial protection against a wide range of liability and property risks.

In the event of damage due to flood, fire, etc, the policy will cover the cost so that the contractor doesn’t end up out of pocket.

We understand that every project is different and that contractors and developers need a flexible cover to protect your liabilities, tools, buildings, plant, machinery, etc.

Benefits of investing in Construction All Risk:

Offers peace of mind to contractors

Construction sites are high risk, and there are a number of things that could go wrong. It’s a contractor's responsibility to make sure the problem is rectified, and the job is finished. Construction All Risk policy provides peace of mind so that whatever happens, the contractor is able to complete the job without suffering financially.

Protects assets

The policy offers protection to all building materials, plant machinery, tools, equipment and hired-in property. In the event of damage or theft, it can be quickly replaced, allowing contractors to get on with the job as though it never happened.

Helps win more business

Contractors willing to invest in Contractors All Risk insurance are much more likely to secure more business due to the peace of mind it provides to potential employers.

What can Construction All Risk cover?

Below is a summary of how Construction All Risk can protect your firm from damage and liability.

Contract Works

Offers protection to work in progress on a construction site in the event of damage before it has been handed to the principal.

Public & Product Liability

Offers protection against claims arising from injury or property damage of persons (other than your employees).

Employers Liability Insurance

Offers protection against claims arising from employee injury or illness. Under UK law, all companies are mandated to secure this insurance.

Own plant & equipment Insurance

Protects against damage to own plant and equipment whilst in custody under a defined agreement.

Hired- in plant & equipment

Covers legal liability in the event there is a need to pay compensation for damage to hired in plant & equipment.

Employee tools:

Offers protection against damage to personal tools and effects belonging to an employee.

Non-Negligence Insurance

Commonly known as JCT 6.5.1, this insurance protects against claims should there be damage to neighbouring property due to the works carried out, which is not the result of negligence.

Terrorism Insurance

Terrorism under contractors all risk insurance protects against loss from damage to property and potentially consequential loss that might occur due to terrorist activities.

Legal Expenses Insurance:

In the event of a claim, the Contractors All Risk cover will offer access to legal advice in a range of circumstances, typically relating to your property, employment, or contract disputes.

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We see our role as an independent advisor who reviews the merits of each policy to help our clients make well-informed decisions.

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