The London Belgravia Group

The London Belgravia Group is a multi-disciplinary organisation that provides bespoke insurance solutions and risk management advice to global property developers, investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Over the years, we have continued to enhance our suites of services to the property world, enabling our clients to source all their needs for insurance and monitoring in one place.

Our Ethos

Right from the start, our ethos was to provide expert, professional advice with a client focused approach that enabled developers and contractors to focus on building while we find the most suitable insurance solutions for their developments.

Our Brands

BuildSafe is the UK’s leading broker of building warranties with coverage of over 12,000 properties and combined reinstatement value of over £16bn.

Specialists in surveying and support services to UK real estate organisations.

So, what’s next for the London Belgravia Group?

To keep enhancing our suite of insurance solutions for our clients.

As these markets evolve, we can foresee needs changing and the challenge for us is to be ready for those moments, rather than wait for them to happen and respond.

We are constantly reviewing the market place and speaking with our clients to understand the challenges they face, so we can pivot and enable them, wherever possible.