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Our Specialisms

Our objective is to provide impartial and connected insurance solutions to global property developers and professionals working within the UK real estate market.

Our array of expertise is spread across all aspects of prime and super-prime residential projects, commercial developments, conversion, and refurbishment projects.

Our advisors will work with you to provide a range of additional services in the following areas: 

Our Areas of Specialism


Commercial Latent Defects Insurance

Almost 4,500 construction businesses fell into significant financial distress in the third quarter of 2020. This has served to strengthen the view of lenders and investors alike, that any contractor, regardless of age and size can be at risk in these uncertain times. As such lenders and investors should look to add as much protection to their investments as possible.
Canva - Staircase Area

10 Year Structural Warranty

We provide a range of structural warranties residential properties throughout the UK. These warranties help protect from latent defects that may occur following the practical completion of a build.

Construction All Risk

Construction All Risk and Contractors All Risk (CAR) are flexible policies designed specifically for contractors and developers working on construction sites in order to provide financial protection against a wide range of liability and property risk. In the event of damage due to flood, fire, etc the policy will cover the cost so that the contractor doesn’t end up out of pocket.