Contractors All Risk Insurance: London Belgravia Brokers Case Study

Contractors All Risk Insurance: Case Study

A residential developer client of ours recently approached us to assist in arranging Contractors All Risk insurance. The client had a complex requirement as they needed contract works cover to develop a large office space into 25 residential apartments in Kent and liability insurance for that site and the subsequent projects they would be working on over the coming months.

The client contacted us mid way through the project- when works had already commenced on site. This added a layer of complexity to the process and presented us with a challenge on who was best suited within the market to approach. 

Construction All Risk insurance broker Bee Stillman-Jones promptly approached several providers and sourced a wide variety of commercially attractive terms to the client. 

Bee advised and guided the client throughout the process to ensure they understood which provider best suited their needs. Due to the complex nature of the project, this included a lot of back and forth between the insurers and ourselves to ensure the appropriate cover was provided in a timely manner- allowing the client to focus on the construction project on hand. Once the client was happy the policy provided the necessary cover; we worked quickly to provide cover on-site promptly.

Head of construction insurance Henry South commented, “Bee’s conduct and commitment to our clients are always exemplary, and with this case in particular, she has demonstrated this in abundance.” 

Contractors All Risk insurance Specialists: Why Work with London Belgravia Brokers?


  • Market Leverage: We work with an extensive panel of insurers and can get access to products and deals that are not always available by going direct.
  • Independent Brokers: As an independent broker, we are not aligned to any particular insurers. Having assessed your requirements, we can scour the market to find business insurance cover that is right for you.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Finding the right products and advice can be an arduous process for a developer. We take away that pain by managing the process for you and ensuring you receive the most relevant product available to match your needs.

Securing the correct level of insurance for your development at an optimal price can be challenging. At LBB, we work on our clients’ behalf to take the hassle out of insurance and ensure that they have the right cover for their needs.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, call us on 020 3701 0422 or fill in our enquiry form online.