Meet Commercial Director Alex Lyons

We’re delighted to welcome Alex Lyons to our team as Commercial Director, joining us with a long career specialising in latent defects insurance, and a wealth of wider industry knowledge.

First steps for a teenage entrepreneur

Alex studied business and finance and set up his own small company right out of school. “I was arranging specialist cleaning for dry cleaners,” he explains. “Later, I appeared on QVC selling a product we launched. I think I’ve managed to destroy most of the copies by now!”

From this success, he was offered a position as Sales and Marketing Manager for a retail communications specialist focussed on youth marketing, followed by a role which involved constant jet-setting, as he helped set up a New York office for creative agency The ATTIK.

Property, property, property!

Alex’s career took a decisive turn towards all things property in 2005, selling residential investments. Then, in 2009, Alex made the jump over to insurance, spending 10 years as Sales Director for Checkmate Insurance, an MGA (managing general agent) specialising in offering latent defects insurance. Checkmate is also where Alex initially met Giles Fallan, now CEO at London Belgravia Group.

Further years followed in a similar role as UK Sales Director of Premier Guarantee.

“I don’t know if poacher turned gamekeeper is quite the term, but I’m certainly facing in another direction now,” comments Alex. “I think that does mean I bring something very valuable to the table for London Belgravia. I’ve spent the last 15 years working for precisely the sorts of provider London Belgravia speaks to, to negotiate latent defects and other policies.”

Taking on responsibility as Commercial Director

Asked how he will approach his new role, Alex notes that: “I want to empower my team, the people who help our clients directly – removing any potential obstacles and streamlining the environment they work in so that we can continue to build on the outstanding customer service the London Belgravia is known for.”

Looking ahead, Alex identifies two core pillars to his approach, firstly: “Giles started the company with a passion for offering careful attention to customer care. For me, success has genuinely always been exemplary customer service; we worked so well together previously because we had the same approach, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to explore that together again here.

“Secondly, we want to continue to develop our unrivalled knowledge within latent defects insurance, through collaborations and strategic partnerships. I can’t speak yet about all of our plans, but there are exciting announcements in the near future.”

A final thought – for those starting out in property insurance

Asked if he had any advice for those just entering the sector, Alex emphasises the importance of patience and a certain level-headed humility: “You won’t learn everything in five minutes. This is a very specialist field, with complex technical content in relation to construction as well as insurance. I’m still very much learning, all the time.”

The London Belgravia Group is a leading provider of latent defects insurance and other construction policies. If you have any questions for Alex or anyone on the team, please get in touch today using our Contact page.