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Mitigate your risks with Developer Insolvency Cover
It is an unfortunate reality that some builders and developers experience financial difficulties that end in insolvency but given the current challenges caused by the pandemic, it would be prudent to anticipate an even higher risk of developer insolvency.

Securing developer insolvency cover will ensure that you are protected financially and that you are safeguarded against situations that might risk your build’s completion giving you absolute peace of mind should the worst occur.

What’s Covered?

As a development project enters the construction phase, off plan sales commence. The developer undergoes our underwriting process to obtain the coThe amount that you paid to the builder under the contract that you cannot recover (such as your deposit). The extra cost above the original purchase price for work necessary to complete the property to a satisfactory standard (whichever is the lesser amount).t of the facility

Why Choose London Belgravia Brokers for your Developer Insolvency Cover?

The most cost effective way to secure insolvency cover is to combine it with the purchase of the latent defect or building warranty policy. However, not all providers are able to offer this and it is usually limited to between £2 million and £5 million per-scheme. London Belgravia Brokers are a specialist broker of latent defect insurance and building warranties and have access to limits of up to £10 million per scheme.  

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