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Finance Solutions

The London Belgravia Specialist Finance division can help your source and structure bespoke finance solutions whether your are looking to buy at an auction, purchase a commercial property or are simply seeking development finance.

Considering the range of options in an already complicated market, the role of a specialist commercial mortgage broker can be invaluable.

Our commercial finance brokers have many years’ experience as well as long-established relationships across the lending landscape including including banks and building societies, specialist lenders and private banks.

A development facility is intended as a relatively short term option that allows funding of the build on a drawdown basis based on the end value. Lenders will expect their money to be repaid once the project has been completed and sold, or alternatively refinanced.
The main benefits of a bridging loan compared to mainstream lending are speed and flexibility offered. In addition, the criteria for lending is far more flexible with short-term lenders when compared to that of traditional longer term mortgage lenders.

Our brokerage is well-versed in the world of short-term finance. We are available before, during and even after the auction process to ensure the funds are available within the 28 day time frame.

If you are looking to renovate, redecorate or make structural changes to a residential or commercial property, you may wish to consider securing refurbishment finance.