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Offering property developers impartial & connected advice

London Belgravia Brokers provides insurance solutions to global property developers and professionals working within the UK real estate market. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so our clients can be assured of best in market advice at all times.

Our core areas of expertise within the brokerage service includes latent defects insurance, performance bonds, insurance backed guarantees, developer insolvency, and loss of deposit cover for the UK property market. Our debt advisory arm, London Belgravia Specialist Finance, is recognised in the market for it’s in-depth knowledge of structuring both short and long-term commercial solutions.

This array of expertise is spread across all aspects of prime and super prime residential projects,  commercial developments, conversion, and refurbishment projects. Our ability to transcend both the insurance and finance markets enable our clients to benefit from independent and connected advice in what have become two  very crowded and potentially overbearing market.

Our Areas of Specialism


Commercial Latent Defects Insurance

Almost 4,500 construction businesses fell into significant financial distress in the third quarter of 2020. This has served to strengthen the view of lenders and investors alike, that any contractor, regardless of age and size can be at risk in these uncertain times. As such lenders and investors should look to add as much protection to their investments as possible.
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10 Year Structural Warranty

If your company owns, develops, designs, builds, residential property then you should be aware of the existence, requirement for and benefits of 10 Year Structural Warranty.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)  is an gurantee offered by  an insurer  that will honour the terms of a warranty  that was issued by the contractor. This offers peace of mind to all parties that if there are any defective works or the contractor ceases to trade, the insurer will honor any valid claims.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds

Performance bonds are commonly used to protect the developers interest on a project. The bond guarantees that the value of work will not be lost in the event of contractor insolvency.

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Loss of Deposit Cover

This type of surety allows a developer to release and utilise any deposits for  units purchased off plan whilst providing assurance to the purchaser that their deposit is safe. While this can sometimes be provided by the warranty provider, they only cover up to £100,000 per unit or £2m per developer. Hence, most prime or large scale residential developments are under insured when it comes to loss of deposit.

Latent Defects Insurance

Construction All Risk

Construction All Risk and Contractors All Risk (CAR) are flexible policies designed specifically for contractors and developers working on construction sites in order to provide financial protection against a wide range of liability and property risk. In the event of damage due to flood, fire, etc the policy will cover the cost so that the contractor doesn’t end up out of pocket.

Development & Commercial Finance

Whether you are looking for finance on your next project or expanding your  property portfolio with your next acquisition, your debt structuring strategy  holds the key to realising your returns. Our established relationships with the leading funders ensures our clients always benefit from the most flexible terms and competitive pricing.

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Residential & Commercial Mortgage Solutions

Our boutique mortgage service ensures that each mortgage is matched to individual goals and circumstances. We have a broad network of relationships across the lending market that  enables us to deliver the most appropriate terms whether our clients are  purchasing new assets, restructuring their portfolio or releasing equity.

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