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London Belgravia sources structural defects insurance for a 62 unit scheme in Nottingham

A few years ago, reputable developer, KMRE Group reached out to London Belgravia Brokers to obtain a structural warranty quote. Like many other developers, they found that the experience not only helped them save time in procuring and comparing terms, but helped save on costs as well.

Hence, it was no surprise that in October 2019, the Group turned to LBB’s Charlie Wilson to assist them in securing a structural defects insurance quote for their 62 unit residential development at Hindle House, near to Nottingham’s railway station.

Charlie assisted KMRE in arranging the appropriate cover that suited their circumstances, allowing them to focus on the construction job at hand.

Speaking about the experience, Nick Gould, KMRE said ‘The service from LBB has been excellent from start to finish. Charlie handles everything for us and we can contact him at all times via phone or email. We would most definitely recommend them”.

Structural Defects Insurance Provider:

From architects to developers to housing associations, we have worked with professionals across the sector who have been involved in the construction of large scale residential and commercial developments, prime & super-prime residential, new build, conversion, and refurbishment projects and helped them secure the most suitable cover for their project, whilst ensuring a smooth process all the way to practical completion and certificate issuance.

We see our role as an independent advisor who reviews the merits of each scheme to help you make well-informed comparisons. Our independence means we are never tied to warranty providers; this ensures that our experts can give you access to the product that best fits your need without market bias. All providers that we work with are recognised by the CML (Council of Mortgage Lenders), backed by A-rated underwriters and we regularly review which warranties meet our standards and the standards of the developers for which we work.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, give us a call on 020 3701 0422 or fill in our enquiry form.

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