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London Belgravia secures 100% Exit Finance for professional developer

London Belgravia helped a leading professional developer source 100% Finance for their upcoming project despite an incredibly complicated set of circumstances. Director, James Mole commented “It’s always a great feeling helping a client secure funding, but the tricky cases are always that little bit more satisfying. This is only possible when both the lender and […]

Who’s backing your guarantees?

The terms offered by insurance providers for latent-defect insurance are becoming more stringent and as a result, will require developers to arrange additional cover to benefit fully from the policy. Recently, we had a client purchase a latent-defect policy that, as part of the terms and conditions, set out a requirement for an insurance backed […]

Difficulty in obtaining Performance Bonds

Difficulty in obtaining Performance Bonds concern developers

A recent article published by Construction Enquirer has highlighted concerns raised by developers wherein specialist insurers are “shying away from providing bonds to any but the strongest of contracting companies.” Jonathan Wildgoose of Derbyshire-based Wildgoose Construction, said: “Our experience is now that these insurers are now very nervous to offer bonds to all but the […]

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