Latent Defect Insurance

Structural Warranties



Building warranties are insurance policies that provide the residential home or commercial building with a 10 year structural latent defects guarantee in the event of building damage or failure due to build & design inefficiencies.

There are numerous forms of residential cover including New Homes and conversion / refurbishment Housing Warranties, Completed Housing Warranties, Self-build Warranties, along with more specialist warranties for Prime developments and insolvencies.

Building warranty products offer to repair or replace parts of the building that do not perform or function properly or to regulation standards because of a latent defect. Residential warranties are provided to new homes, conversions and major refurbishments and are to the benefit of the new owner or tenant.

The Warranty Requirement


It is now a requirement that all new build residential properties benefit from a 10 year structural warranty recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. In addition all High street lenders and nearly all other providers now insist on a warranty for a property that has been converted or had major refurbishment works carried out. All the policies we provide are authorised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

Types of Waranties


• New Home Warranties
• Self Build Warranites
• Completed Houses Warranties
• Property in Recievership Warranties
• Commercial Property Warranties

Types of Development


• Not started
• Part completed
• Completed
• All types of residential & commercial units
• Specialise in obtaining hard to get warranties
• Specialise in Prime Residential

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